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Fabric Buildings for Waste Management

Legacy Building Solutions® customizes fabric waste management buildings and direct disposal recycling centers to ensure maximum odour control, durability and efficiency. Not only are our fabric buildings ideal for storage of equipment and materials, they are also practical options for processing and sorting facilities, as well as recycling transfer stations.

Since our waste management facilities and recycling structures are available in free span designs over 100 metres wide, they can be customized to any length or clearance you require. Since our sidewalls are straight, they allow for very high clearances, improving manoeuverability for large equipment and tipping trucks, and functional storage space for organic matter, bulk materials and separators.

Waste processing structures and transfer facilities can have unpleasant odours, and our airtight fabric envelopes the smell inside the building so people outside aren’t subjected to it. You may also opt to add air exchangers, exhaust fans, hoods or vents to control where the odour flows or dissipates. If the waste being stored has no odour, peak and sidewall ventilation or open endwalls allow fresh air to enter and circulate in the structure.

Waste Management Solutions/Recycling Facility

Because our waste, composting and recycling structures are customized according to your requirements, we are able to take into account additional environmental loads such as wind and snow, as well as dead or dynamic loads you may opt to add – including cranes, odour control, conveyors or fire suppression systems. Legacy Building Solutions allows you to customize the building structure design. Customization also allows the addition of any size, number or type of doors – including overhead doors, multiple personnel doors and fabric doors.

Although our fabric covered structures are meant to be permanent, they can also be disassembled and ported should you wish to relocate your waste management facility to another site. Should your operations shift, your fabric covered building can be reduced, expanded, disassembled and shipped. Fabric storage buildings can be installed on almost any type of foundation, including cast-in-place, micropiles or pre-cast concrete.

Waste Building

Unlike traditional metal structures, our fabric buildings are non-corrosive. Furthermore, the solid steel frame is grey or red primed, hot dip galvanized or powder coated in any colour to protect it from deteriorating. An addition of a fabric liner also prevents the steel from having contact with corrosive material, so you are guaranteed a rust-free building.

Since natural light is able to enter the tension fabric buildings, no artificial lighting is needed during the day. During nighttime, the fabric’s reflective interior minimizes the need for electric lighting.

We believe in sustainability, so aside from using natural light, our steel beams are made of 80 percent recycled steel. The polyethylene fabric we use is also recyclable, and may be acceptable for remuneration once the structure’s lifespan is over.

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