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Fabric Sports Buildings & Athletic Facilities

Enjoy year-round sports events and practices with our durable and well-lit fabric indoor athletic buildings.

Because fabric filters out echoes and squeaks, you are assured that our fabric sports facilities are free of unnecessary sounds that may distract athletes playing on the court. Aside from increasing an athlete’s concentration, the sunlight that comes in through the walls and ceilings brighten up the whole sports bubble.

Give us your requirements and we’ll do the rest.

Sports Bubble/Fabricated Structure

Built with your specific needs in mind, your indoor sports center will be the exact size you require.

Overhead clearances will also be added to your athletic dome should you require them. Let us know if you need additional space for practice courts, locker rooms, or viewing decks for sports fans or journalists. We’ll even adapt the design of your fabric sports arena to oddly shaped lots and existing buildings should we need to.

We’ve specifically made sure that our walls have a straight design, since this will give you more space to play and practice. This type of sports dome design does away with arches or curved walls that inhibit movement and space

The heights and peaks of our roofs are also customizable. This allows for more freedom of movement for the players and for the sports equipment being used.

Unlike air-supported structures or inflatable domes, tension fabric buildings can be engineered to provide strong and safe support for hanging loads, which includes heating and cooling, lighting, sprinklers and fire suppression systems, and viewing platforms. Aside from these accessories, nets, hoops and other sports equipment may also be added to the frame of the fabric building.

Fabric Architecture

Since each fabric building is customizable, you can also choose how large or how many doors you would like to add to it, depending on your safety requirements and preferences.

Blend in or stand out. We have a wide array of colours available. Customize the colour of your building depending on the colour of your team or brand. Add a logo or a mascot, blend in with other existing buildings in your vicinity or splash some bright colour to stand out.

Maximize your space. Bring your A-game. Whether it be for football, hockey, lacrosse, track-and-field, tennis, basketball or volleyball, fabric indoor sports complexes are the most durable, most flexible and most exciting options out there.

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