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Road Salt & Sand Storage Buildings

Whether you need a medium or large salt storage building, fabric structures are the perfect no-rust storage solution for provinces, cities, counties, townships and municipalities seeking a way to ease procurement and operations.

Since each and every storage structure design is customized to your needs and preferences, you will be able to optimize pile heights, while at the same time minimize salt shed filling time. Not only does our free span design allow for the maximization of space, it provides more than enough clearance both at the peak and sidewall levels so that equipment and trucks can be maneuvered inside the salt storage facilities with ease and without any threat of getting stuck.

Fabric Storage Structure/Salt Storage Facilities

Unlike some other salt storage domes, Legacy Building Solutions® fabric structures have tall peaks that allow tipping trucks to be driven and maneuvered without any interference. Our durable frames are also able to support conveyors so materials can move smoothly. Storing salt and loading trucks has never been so easy or efficient, because of fabric covered buildings.

Operate with great ease and flexibility even during occasions of winter road clearing. The customizable fabric storage buildings enable you to store a wide variety of products while creating a separate mix area, covered load-out area, truck and equipment enclosure. Some may even opt to add a wash bay or lean-to for extra storage or parking.

Canvas Storage Sheds

Salt is highly corrosive, but since fabric is non-corrosive, our salt sheds will not deteriorate because of the mentioned material. To further prevent corrosion from salt, the steel frame of the structures can be hot dip galvanized and another layer of fabric liner can be installed to keep the steel from having any contact with the salt. Unlike some buildings made of other materials, all of our structures carry a warranty.

Customization assures you that you obtain the size and shape you want, and our custom engineering assures that you get what you need. Our frames are sturdy and durable, and can withstand even incidents of collisions from loaders and vehicles, as well as hanging loads.

Operational costs are greatly reduced because natural light is allowed to enter inside the salt storage structure, even during overcast days. Since the interior is also made of the same material, the fabric warehouse is able to reflect interior light, consequently leading to lessening the need for artificial light even at night.

After salt storage facilities have been quickly built and installed by Legacy Building Solutions team, they require very minimal maintenance. No special tools are needed and maintenance can be done from the ground.

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