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Fabric Port Storage Buildings

Far lighter than similar steel buildings, fabric break bulk and terminal storage buildings allow free span interiors over 100 meters wide. Legacy Building Solutions’® unique custom-engineered fabric buildings accommodate the high eaves and peak clearances needed for material handling as well as storing and maintaining large vessels.

With no interior columns, there is more useable space inside fabric port and marina buildings for dockside cranes and derricks to operate, as well as containerized cargo, break bulk storage, warehousing, cargo and baggage handling, or even boat storage, painting and maintenance.

Although each fabric port storage building is designed as permanent, the structures can be relocated, expanded or reduced as needed. The lightweight nature of fabric cladding also allows the ability to use light foundations on or near the water.

Legacy buildings allow for complete environmental control. As insulated covers are non-conductive and more responsive to climate, different ventilation options can be used to maintain a cool and dry building interior. A full range of heating and air conditioning systems is also available to maintain a consistent interior climate.

The non-corrosive and flexible fabric buildings manufactured by Legacy Building Solutions are ideally suited for waterways and port applications including marine storage, break bulk storage, vessel maintenance and ship terminals. Designed for optimum functionality, our fabric buildings can withstand any environment.

Increasing the break bulk and warehouse storage capacity of a fabric structure is also possible by adding a concrete retaining wall just inside the straight side wall of the building. This results in maximum storage capacity without wasted space or a larger building footprint.

Waterway and Terminal Structures

Waterways building construction becomes easier with fabric structures. Erected in about one-third the time of similar steel structures, your break bulk or bulk storage facility will be up and running in no time. Therefore, it is important to choose a building company that provides a time-saving design-build project delivery with a professional crew who travels to any location for installation.

Legacy Building Solutions fabric covered structures are made of PE or PVC cladding that does not corrode under severe marine conditions. This material allows natural sunlight to filter into the walls and ceiling of the building, thereby creating a dry environment free of mould and mildew. This natural sunlight creates a sustainable interior with little to no lighting needed during daytime hours; it also reflects and multiplies artificial lighting that is used for nighttime work.

Break Bulk and Bulk Storage Buildings

Port authorities require strict safety codes, and we at Legacy Building Solutions make sure that we adhere to these codes. Each building is custom engineered to meet local and port authority building codes. Our tensioned fabric buildings are available in flame retardant material, and fire suppression systems including chemical sprinklers that are easily mounted to the building frame.

Once installed, Legacy Building Solutions facilities require little to no maintenance, as each port warehouse boat storage building comes with a complete warranty. Hot dipped galvanized steel members, site-specific engineering and non-corrosive fabric allow us to offer this warranty in even the harshest environments.

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