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Gas & Oilfield Fabric Buildings

Our fabric buildings can perfectly house any stage of oil and gas exploration and processing.

Not only do the gas and oilfield buildings engineered by Legacy Building Solutions® fulfill the same specifications and requirements as steel frame buildings, they are economic solutions for medium to large systems because they are energy efficient, lightweight, and easily and quickly installed and assembled.

Customization is key to maximizing space. Each fabric covered structure is customized to your preferences and needs, and with free span widths reaching over 100 metres and vertical sidewalls reaching virtually unlimited length, your building will be as you envisioned it.

Since the walls of our fabric gas and oilfield buildings are straight, you will have more functional square footage, despite not having increased the footprint of your building. You may also opt to add LNG pumping and loading stations, which may include off-road equipment, rail enclosures, tank enclosures, garages and workshops.

Temporary Oil Storage Facilities

Our fabric covered structures are created and designed with our client’s site location and application in mind. This mindset assures our clients that all our structures can keep up with the oil and gas industry’s life-safety and fire suppression requirements. Aside from the basic features of our buildings, add-ons such as special lighting, hanging loads, door systems, lightning suppression and ventilation are also available.

All of legacy’s cladding’s are available in polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for maximum translucency. Flame retardant (FR) fabrics are also available. Various translucency are available for our fabrics, which may also be used as interior liners to prevent corrosion. Batten insulation can also be added onto the structure as an energy-efficient method to control moisture and cool or heat interiors.

Oil Storage Facilities

All of our fabric storage buildings use rigid steel frames that may be hot dip galvanized, red or dark grey primer-coated from the mill, powder coated or painted. Although we’ve designed our tension fabric buildings to be permanent, they can be disassembled, shipped, relocated, expanded or reduced. Legacy offers full installation services for all our structures.

Talk with us today to find out why Legacy Building Solutions provides quick and efficient solutions for fossil fuel exploration, production, processing and transportation for the oil and gas industry.

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