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Fabric Airplane Hangars & Hangar Design Services

Legacy Building Solutions’® fabric aircraft hangar design is durable, yet lightweight and translucent, a performance fabric structure strong as a steel frame building. Aside from being utilized as hangars, our free span fabric covered structures can also be used as maintenance, repair and operations facilities, large area maintenance shelters, warehousing, ops buildings, terminals, air cargo facilities, storage space and walkways.

Since the technology we use consists of rigid frames similar to those of steel hangars, our fabric covered buildings have both the advantage of natural light as well as strength and design flexibility. Each canvas structure we create is able to handle simultaneous loads, including live and dead gravity loads, dynamic door loads, and seismic, wind and snow loads.

Fabric Hangar/Fabric Aircraft Hangar

Each industrial fabric airplane hangar is customizable, giving you the option to add in HVAC systems, smoke curtains, wet or chemical fire suppression systems and sprinklers, and other features, should you deem them necessary.

Should you require further precautionary features, you may also opt to cover your hangar with a flame-retardant fabric.

Your preferences and requirements determine how large your tension fabric temporary building will be – and when it comes to airplane hangars, you will definitely need a whole lot of space.

Fabric Hangar

We have large steel frame portals which allow us to build free span hangars over 100 metres  wide, with over 50,000 square feet of open space. Whatever your plane size, and no matter how many planes you may need to warehouse, our building dimensions are customizable to various vertical stabilizer or wingtip clearance requirements.

Our fabric storage structures allow for great manoeuverability and accessibility, accommodating bi-fold doors, hydraulic doors, bottom rolling doors and fabric doors. In fact, our installations are so adaptable that you can even leave one or more walls open should you need to.

With installations taking only about half the time as steel buildings, fabric airplane hangars can also be reduced or expanded and cheaply relocated and shipped should there be any changes in operations. Even better is no risk of moisture leaking through protrusions in the structure should it be reassembled.

Repairs can be done from the ground and they do not require special tools. With our sturdy, rust-proof hot dip galvanized (HDG) frame and time-tested tensioned fabric, you can allot more of your time to maintaining the aircraft being homed in the structure rather than the hangar itself.

A variety of fabric colours is available for your choosing. You may also opt to add text or logos to the fabric.

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