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Covered Equestrian Riding Arenas & Barns

Because of their well-lit interiors and strong, rigid steel frames, coverall arenas are often a preferred choice for equestrian facilities.

Natural lighting is still best, and a fabric-covered riding arena makes good use of the light outside. Not only does fabric allow the outside light to get through, its reflective interior also minimizes the need for artificial lighting. Lighting also flows throughout the whole coverall arena, making sure that there are no dark or shadowy corners to distract riders and their horses.

Equestrian Structures/Fabric Horse Arenas

Customize your horse arena construction. You can opt to add sidewall curtains or overhead doors in order to get the feeling of the outside inside. Through these add-ons, you may open doors or curtains to get the feel of the outside, or leave them closed to keep out the elements. The addition of internal mesh screens also allows air inside the fabric structure and keeps insects out.

Aside from filtering outside elements and insects, fabric buildings also have the ability to absorb sound. The sound filtering of a coverall arena means horses won’t get frightened by loud and sudden noises. Fabric riding arenas allow equestrian events and rodeos to progress without outside distractions.

Since fabric is non-conductive, it can keep the temperature inside the structure comfortable and subdued instead of magnifying extreme weather outside. A fabric riding arena will be 10 degrees warmer during winter time, and up to 20 degrees cooler during summer. Aside from this, insulation and heating or cooling systems can also be added to even make it more comfortable inside.

Horse Arena Equipment

All coverall arenas are built according to the size and shape you require and desire. Customization means an end to unnecessary, lacking or ill-fitting space. This also means optional ancillary areas for stalls, prep or tack storage, as well as canopies. Building a riding arena using your predetermined specifications has never been easier.

Straight sidewalls allow for enough clearances for riders and their horses, while overhangs and straight roof lines are aesthetically pleasing and cutting-edge. Choosing between wood, steel or roll-up curtains can help your equestrian facility blend in or stand out.

Fabric riding arenas engineered by Legacy Building Solutions® are the perfect year-round structures for equestrian events and practices, rodeos, barrel racing, mounted shooting and horse jumping events.

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