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Fabric Buildings for Cattle

With breathable tension fabric stretched over rust-proof steel frames built to stand the test of time, our fabric buildings are perfect for housing cattle or as grain storage buildings.

Aside from the promise of maximum ventilation due to our fabric structures’ distinct shapes and flexibility, we offer overhang vents, large sidewall curtains, and open or partially open ridge vents, end walls and sidewalls. With consistent and constant airflow, animals have lower stress levels, and farmers are able to experience fewer zero-gain days.

We design and build based on your preferences and requirements, so the coverall barns consequently live up to their full agricultural usability. Because the length and width of structures can be customized, our clients maximize their interior space without having to increase the garage and storage building footprint.

A tall side wall clearance allows equipment to pass under, while at the same time preventing water from seeping into the bed packs and feed. Features such as this can prevent spoilage and unnecessary inconvenience when used in temporary grain storage buildings.

Cattle Hoop Buildings/ Cattle Barns

Agricultural barns are almost bubble-like, protecting the interiors from outside conditions. Because fabric is a non-conductive material, unlike steel, it can maintain a bright and comfortable environment inside despite torturous heat or cold temperatures outside.

Legacy’s tension fabric barns can be built over already-existing farms and facilities, including above standing bunks and feed aprons, and in areas with grade differentials.

Customization doesn’t only mean perfectly fitting. This service also means efficiency for the farmer. Choose a basic coverall shelter design, or add interior columns, feed troughs, control alleys or slatted floors. Whatever makes your structure work better for you, works for us.

Although we know how tough and sturdy our fabric barns are, we’ve made them adaptable because we know weather conditions change and accidents may occur. Whether the tent structure faces excessive rain, snow and wind, or even accidental impacts from a front-end loader or skid steer, your fabric barn will last for years.

Fabric Covered Cattle Buildings

The simple formula of rigid steel frames combined with fabric makes for maximum versatility. When it comes to farming, these are among some of the many uses of fabric buildings:

  • Equipment storage facility
  • Beef feedlot
  • Fertilizer storage
  • Cattle barns
  • Livestock operations
  • Grain storage
  • Calf finishing
  • Hay storage

Big or small, for livestock housing or as a grain warehouse, a fabric coverall barn from Legacy Building Solutions® will increase efficiency and return on investment.

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