Fabric Structure Market Sectors

Industry Benefits

Custom Fabric Farm Storage Buildings

Fertilizer and Farm Storage Buildings

Fabric structures are non-corrosive and climate responsive for storing fertilizer, grain, corn and other commodities. Rigid frame construction simplifies filling. Read more.


Custom Fabric Structures for Ports and Waterways

Ports and Waterways

Fabric structures are far lighter than similar steel buildings, ideal for break bulk, bulk and marine storage buildings with free span interiors over 400 feet wide by any length. Read more.

Custom Fabric Mining Structures and Camps

Mining Structures and Camps

Our custom mining buildings are designed for customers with specific needs for design, fast-track construction, relocatability, delivery and installation. Read more.

Oil Sands, Energy and Petroleum

Worldwide installation and custom engineering to meet codes and life-safety requirements makes Legacy buildings ideal for oil and gas exploration and processing. Read more.

Custom Fabric Aviation Buildings and Hangars

Recycling, Biomass and Waste Management

Fabric waste management buildings, recycling centers and wastewater treatment plants are non-corrosive and customized for odor control and efficiency. Read more.

Industrial, Warehouse and Commercial

Customized fabric structures have the free span design for safe and efficient warehousing, storage and light industrial space. Store bulk matter, pallets, manufacturing components and more. Read more.

Road Maintenance and Deicing Storage

Fabric structures are impervious to corrosion and customizable for road salt, sand and chemical storage and distribution. Engineered to snow and wind loads. Read more.

Fabric Buildings for Atheltics and Recreation

Athletics, Sports and Recreation

Your indoor sports center will be built to your specifications for size and clearance, as well as insulation and climate control, additional storage and seating, and even colour. Design to blend in or stand out. Read more.

Custom Fabric Structures for Cattle and Livestock

Cattle Barns and Livestock

Cattle stay cool and comfortable inside a fabric structure with proper ventilation and a shaded interior. Customize for agricultural equipment storage and cattle operations. Read more.

Custom Fabric Equestrian Riding Arenas

Equestrian Riding Arenas

Fabric riding arenas have long been popular because of the natural light and comfortable interior. Suitable for equestrian events and horse and rider training. Read more.

Custom Fabric Aviation Buildings and Hangars

Aviation, Aerospace and Hangars

Legacy Building Solutions’ fabric airplane hangar design is durable, yet lightweight and translucent, a performance fabric structure strong as a steel frame building. Read more.

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