Coverall Building Quality Control

Building Design Control

With self-performed work, Legacy controls the quality of our fabric structures at all stages of design, engineering, manufacture and installation. All processes are reviewed regularly as part of our CSA A-660 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Each fabric structure is designed with complex and proven CAD software with manual quality checks. After the building dimensions and applicable loads are verified, the Estimator designs the structure according to CSA S16 and CSA S136 standards. Final designs are verified by an Engineer licensed in the building’s jurisdiction. The Engineer relies on current copies of the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and its applicable supplements, the relevant provincial or territorial codes, and the applicable standards.

Manufacturing drawings are generated by the Manufacturing Detailer and forwarded to a CSA A660 certified manufacturing facility. The manufacturing facility also meets welding standard CWS 47.1. The Construction Detailer uses the final design file to generate construction plans and double check component drawings and quantities, and verifies coupler bolts for length and quality. After the plans have received approval and passed all quality assurance checks, they are reviewed and stamped by a qualified engineer in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Material Quality Control

Legacy has clear and thorough specifications for every component in our building system. Specifications are available for review at the President’s discretion. Every component specification meets the standards listed in CSA S16 and S136. Fabrication of secondary framing components and fabric tensioning components is done using 3D laser technology and meets the CSA S16 and S136 standards.

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