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Full Construction Project Management

At Legacy, construction management means we partner with the customer throughout the fabric structure construction process – from when the contracts are signed through construction completion. You’ll have one point of contact throughout the process, as well as a team of people dedicated to working with you to construct the best fabric building possible.

Pre-Construction of Fabric Buildings

Before ground breaks, we will convene a partner session to establish a common understanding of the project and deliverables. At the end of the partner session, all stakeholders will be in agreement on the relative priorities of time, cost and performance. The partner session also promotes healthy communication throughout the process regarding project milestones, deadlines and budget.


Cost plans are proactively developed as design proceeds. The scope, quality and cost details of the project are developed in cooperation with the building owner and design team. Throughout the project, we handle resources as if we are spending our own money.

Before construction of the fabric structure begins, we will conduct a constructability review to determine potential obstacles or delays so they can be addressed early on. The constructability review will provide valuable feedback regarding the project’s practicality and potential design alternatives.

Our experienced team will provide options for proactively dealing with potential obstacles, greatly reducing the risk of delays and extra costs related to unexpected obstacles.


Adding Value During Construction

During construction, both the building crew and customer will be spending time on the jobsite, and it’s common for new ideas to be generated. Our experienced team is trained to look for better alternatives and alternate methods while maintaining the project’s integrity. Information is constantly fed between the customer, the onsite crew and the home office team. The agility of the construction process may allow changes and improvements to the project to be implemented at any time.

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