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Legacy Building Solutions® invented the technology to attach a tension fabric membrane to a solid frame made of steel I-beams. This innovative building system was designed to correct deficiencies in previous generations of fabric structures as well as create a new type of custom fabric structure with complete design flexibility plus the non-corrosive properties and abundant natural light already common in fabric structures. Today, Legacy sells, manufactures and installs rigid-framed fabric buildings across the world. Each building is custom engineered to meet project specs and applicable building codes. We also provide best-in-the-business fabric structure installation and repair service.

Self-Performed Work

Self-performed work saves time and money by eliminating the middlemen and the additional processes required to keep multiple sub-contractors on schedule. By utilizing in-house crews who are experienced with fabric structures and work together, Legacy is able to control the cost, quality and timing of the project from start to finish.

Our thorough experience in design, manufacturing and installation provides us with a unique perspective and several opportunities to add value to a tension fabric structure. In-house crews experienced with fabric as a building material know the constructability of various building configurations, as well as the capacity of the other teams in the process.

By utilizing our own crews and expertise to handle significant portions of the job, there are simply fewer surprises as a building is erected and a greater likelihood that the overall project will stay on schedule and on budget. In addition, tighter timelines are possible because the design process has been streamlined from start to finish.

During the construction phase, it is very common for additional ideas to be generated from the site. In-house crews working together are able to implement new ideas at any phase of the process – in many cases, reducing or eliminating costly change orders due to intense design. Every member of the crew is motivated to find better and more economical ways of doing things.

Building Materials

Everything is custom, your options are limitless.

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