Foundation Building Materials for Fabric Structures

Foundation Building Materials for Fabric Structures

Foundation Options 

Shallow foundation options, including helicals, micropiles, earth anchors, screw piles, slab-on-grade and mat foundations, are faster to install and do not require much soil excavation. These are ideal for locations where the subsurface cannot be excavated. Helical anchors, for example, are ideal for movable fabric structures. These components also need to be designed properly to consider all the forces that impact and counteract the fabric structure.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a foundation building material typically used in smaller structures. Precast foundations are usually formed off site. Precast blocks and panels support the structure and give it stability, and at the same time acts as a retaining wall for other components. Precast concrete is usually lighterweight and movable.

Cast-In-Place Concrete 

Cast-in-place concrete is the most widely used foundation building material for tension fabric structures. Cast-in-place foundations are strong, flexible and readily available. CIP foundations typically include poured walls, grade beams and above grade reinforced piers and provide a stable base and support for fabric structures as long as they are designed and reinforced correctly.

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