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The Legacy team has construction and design expertise for casinos, event centres and other entertainment venues. The solid steel design accommodates systems and accessories to increase revenue while still meeting building codes related to high occupancy, snow and wind.

Fabric Structure Options to Increase Revenue

The steel frame of a Legacy building allows unlimited options to maximize floor space and ultimately gaming revenue – including the addition of a mezzanine level for offices, storage and ancillary systems, making more space available on the gaming floor. Or add a lean-to to provide a separate area for concessions, bars or retail kiosks.

The freespan design means there are unlimited ways to use the building – including concerts, comedy shows, trade shows, conferences, weddings and other entertainment events. The smooth liner provides a clean backdrop, and the soft cladding and insulation system provide high-quality acoustic attenuation throughout the building.

 A Better Gaming Environment

The interior of a fabric structure naturally works with your climate-control systems to create an environment that keeps guests coming back. Once they experience the comfortable, pleasing environment inside your facility they won’t want to go anywhere else.

The fabric is securely attached to the frame and tightly sealed, creating an airtight building. This allows the casino operator to control the air pressure, humidity and conditions inside the building. Maintenance-free gravity ventilation systems keep the insulation cavity ventilated and dry, and the building envelope is sealed to provide an ideal, consistent atmosphere.

The sound-deadening qualities of the soft cladding and insulation system absorb outside sounds or noises from mechanical systems. Your guests will be able to focus on the event at hand rather than the sounds of outside traffic, howling winds, air ducts and other distractions. The inside of a fabric structure is a superior environment for all types of events.

End-to-End Construction Management

Legacy’s experienced team offers design-build, engineer-procure-construct and full construction management. You’ll have one point of contact from pre-construction through service after the sale.

Fabric structures are installed more quickly than traditional buildings – in about one third the time. The design and fabrication timelines are also shortened, allowing you to use and profit from your new addition weeks sooner.

Safety is especially important for high-occupancy entertainment buildings. Each Legacy building is designed to meet or exceed local building codes and regulations, including environmental requirements. Legacy’s construction process is also designed to increase jobsite safety, especially in areas of extreme weather.

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