Fabric Structures Repair and Installation Services

Weather, time and even accidents can cause Cover-All buildings and other fabric structures to require maintenance. Legacy Building Solutions® can patch holes, replace covers, repair accidental damage and perform other maintenance on all brands of fabric structures. Our experienced crews also perform upgrades such as relocating doors, adding new openings for ventilation, and installing insulation and liners. Moreover, we can relocate or install an entire structure. Legacy Building Solutions’ ability to supply necessary materials and installation cannot be surpassed by other companies.

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Fabric Building Replacement Covers

Over time, any building material will deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. Hence, Legacy offers replacement fabric covers for all brands of fabric structures, including Cover-All.

Our team of installers will provide the necessary materials, parts and components. We have two ways to start the replacement cover process: through actual site inspections or through photos and measurements that you send to us. While there may be some simple repairs you can do yourself, we recommend our experienced installation crew for major repairs or replacement. Our crews travel to any location for quick, safe installation.

Structural and Engineering Reviews for Fabric Structures

Our team of coverall building experts can conduct structural and engineering reviews on any fabric structure. We will give you measured, evidence-based and transparent reports of your structure. The structural review is composed of 2D analysis using existing building frames as well as the joints connecting them. Should they fail to meet code-recommended loads, we will recommend necessary actions such as adding steel stiffeners to strengthen the members.

Structural Upgrades for Fabric Structures

Should your fabric structure require additional reinforcements or upgrades after our review, Legacy can supply all necessary materials and service. We offer several options if your temporary or permanent structure requires an upgrade, ranging from fully galvanized unwelded structures or structures with full welded connections.

Temporary Fabric Structures Service & Repair

We offer extensions, expansions or relocations of fabric structures for your changing needs. We can also add insulation to your Cover-All fabric structure. Our expertise in repairing and upgrading Cover-All structures is unsurpassed.


Building Inspection Service

In addition to comprehensive fabric structure and engineering reviews, Legacy also offers structural design and drafting services. These include structural steel plans, sections, necessary reinforcement details, notes and specifications. Legacy Building Solutions carries professional engineering licenses in five provinces and 23 states, and can coordinate with licensed engineers in other jurisdictions.

Fabric Building Installation

Legacy crews are the most experienced in the industry. Our experience comes from installing and servicing thousands of buildings from various manufacturers over nearly 20 years. Many of our competitors leave it to the building owner to install the structure with the help of local contractors – we understand that fabric structure installation is a specialty process requiring specialized training and knowledge.  

Whether you are installing a new fabric structure, dismantling and relocating an existing structure or replacing or repairing a damaged building, our crews will travel to your location with all the necessary tools and experience to install your building quickly and safely.


Legacy’s experienced crew can repair, add lining to and/or insulate nearly any type of fabric building. We also provide services such as demolition and relocation, foundation engineering consultation or engineering reviews.

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