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Steel Frame Fabricated Buildings

Every building frame is constructed with structural steel I-beams that are more structurally sound and less prone to failure than hollow steel tubes. Solid steel beams are typically placed every 20 feet, so there are fewer total frames and less chance of corrosion. Even if part of the beam is damaged, there is little chance of failure.

Steel Framing Options

Several frame finishes are available, including hot dip galvanized, painted or primed. Secondary framing members and attachments are available with the same finish to create a cohesive look and provide the proper amount of protection from corrosion.

As part of the patented attachment system, Legacy bolts secondary framing members directly to the steel frame, without complicated connecting brackets. Because these framing members are securely and permanently attached, the structure’s stability is increased.

Every Legacy structure is custom. Your options are limitless.

More Optional Features and Accessories

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