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Sidewalls for Fabric Structures

Fabric options for sidewalls include PVC or PE fabric in a variety of colours, with or without a flame-retardant coating. Each wall panel is individually tensioned and attached to the frame for a secure, long-lasting fit. Fabric panels are also doubled in any area where they may come in contact with the steel.

Sidewall Choices

Other building materials – such as steel, concrete, masonry or FRP – are also available. Choosing a different wall cladding helps the structure blend in with existing structures, increases the load capacity for bulk storage and still has the benefit of a cool fabric roof.

Sidewall curtains are also available. Roll-up, drop-down or automatic curtains allow building owners to maintain an open environment or protect the inside of the building from the elements.

Every Legacy structure is custom. Your options are limitless.

More Optional Features and Accessories

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