Customizability in Canvas Buildings


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Each building is custom designed for customer use and still meets all of the wind, snow and seismic load requirements in your area. Our building analysis software individually designs each aspect of the structure for maximum efficiency. With fewer trusses and more flexible clearance heights, you’ll have more useable space inside your building.

Custom Canvas Structures

Customization allows us to include options not typically associated with fabric structures, including offset peaks, lean-tos and varying column heights.

In an offset peak building the highest point of the structure is not in the center. This allows crane and conveyor placement in the most efficient location. Offset peaks also allow the addition of lean-tos and create a unique appearance.

Adding lean-tos creates extra space inside the building. Popular applications for enclosed lean-tos include additional workspace, separated storage areas and offices. Open lean-tos create covered areas for parking and vehicle maintenance or outdoor storage. Any size and number of lean-to is available.

Varying column heights allow a new building to use part of an existing foundation or wall. Structures built on an uneven surface may also use varying column heights.

No matter the requirements for your fabric structure, our experienced design and engineering team can accommodate the features you require.

Every Legacy structure is custom. Your options are limitless.

More Optional Features and Accessories

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