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Endwalls for Coverall Buildings

Every fabric end wall is attached to all vertical and horizontal support steel for increased quality and longevity. All fabric is double-layered in locations where it contacts the steel framework for extra strength and durability. The top of each endwall is individually attached separately from the roof panels to provide a secure finish.


Endwalls are also an option to ventilate the building. Gravity ventilation systems including mesh panels or louvers are available, as well as active ventilation systems such as fans. The size, colour and number of ventilation panels is customized to meet specs.

All endwall columns are constructed of hollow structural section (HSS) columns with a high-yield strength of 46 ksi. These columns require less bracing than comparable open section members. All fabric is supported by girts to ensure a long-lasting attachment.

Every Legacy structure is custom. Your options are limitless.

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