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Roofing Options for Canvas Buildings

Fabric structure roofs are designed for longevity and to accommodate equipment and activity within the building.

The roof is made of the same durable PVC or PE fabric as the wall panels, or choose another colour or type of fabric for contrast. No matter the type of fabric you choose, all fabric roofs have some level of translucence. Adding a fabric skylight will further reduce the need for artificial lighting without causing leaks.

Canvas Roofs

The roof may be insulated or uninsulated. While adding insulation will eliminate natural light coming in through the roof, a skylight may be added to an insulated roof.

Legacy building roofs are designed for strength and engineered to accommodate environmental loads. All roof panels are kedered separately from the wall panels and pre-tensioned both vertically and horizontally.

Unlike monocover buildings that are attached only at the end frames, the roof is made of panels that are attached at regular intervals. And an additional layer of fabric is used in any locations where the fabric is in contact with the steel frame or keder track.

Every Legacy structure is custom. Your options are limitless.

More Optional Features and Accessories

Insulated or uninsulated fabric roofs are available. Insulation up to R-30 can be added to the walls and roof of the building. Adding a fabric liner to an insulated fabric building will preserve a clean, neat finish inside the building.

Strength is perhaps the most important feature of a roof. All roof panels are kedered, individual panels – fed into aluminum keder tracks on every frame – that offer the best attachment and longest fabric life. The typical bay spacing is 20 feet, in contrast to mono-covers or large fabric panels that “skip over” frames and only attach to the end frames. In locations where roof fabric would come in contact with a support steel beam (usually only at the peak), an added protective layer of fabric is welded onto the panels.

Legacy roofs are built to last through any conditions. To ensure proper fit and a weathertight roof, each roof panel is horizontally tensioned by “pre-tension” (panels made slightly narrower than the bay) and vertically tensioned by our Inclusive Tensioning System.

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