High Tech Engineered Fabric Structures


At Legacy Building Solutions®, we create customized fabric buildings fit for every project’s requirements. All of our fabric structures are design-built. Hence, our inventory is not limited by any standard size or shape. The major benefit of our design-build process is that there is not waste in the use of material, labor and energy. We can fulfill your requirements faster than other types of construction.

Fabric Buildings

We construct rigid frame fabric buildings with steel framing according to local structural codes for all building types pertaining to wind load, snow and seismic loads. Our structures follow the standards enforced by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and by IBC (International Building Code).

The rigid frame structural system is the most common type of fabric building construction. Combined with tension fabric covers, solid steel frames can carry a variety of loads, such as dynamic loads and dead loads. Dynamic loads include cranes and conveyors, while dead loads include HVAC, lighting and sprinkler systems. The frame can also carry columns that are taller than standard and sidewall columns on a jack beam to increase bay clearance.

We do not rely on the fabric itself to provide lateral stability and tensile strength. The load or pressure the fabric applies to the tarp building’s structure is fully considered. We also install purlins and flange braces to ensure the stability of the structure even without the fabric.


Professionally Licensed

Our engineering professionals possess licences for five provinces and 23 states. We coordinate with local engineers in other provinces and jurisdictions to sign and seal the drawings for the remaining jurisdictions. Our team of engineers are experts when it comes to fabric structure installation. Prior to the start of construction, you will receive the stamped drawings and rendered version of how your structure will look. The drawings are also useful throughout the permitting process.

Legacy’s design-build construction system separates our tarp buildings from the competition’s. The engineering design and construction of your structure is set to meet your cost and requirements.

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